Club History

The Juliet Club was started in Verona in 1972 from an idea of Giulio Tamassia and a group of artists and scholars united by a passion for the Shakespearian legend. Through the years, thanks to the collaboration and help of members and institutions, it has organized many events dedicated to the myth of Romeo and Juliet. On behalf of the Town’s Council Department of Culture, the Club today still handles the “Juliet’s mail”, involving huge numbers of people in the phenomenon and bringing it to the attention of the international media.

The Juliet Club is a nonprofit cultural organization, it is presided by Giulio Tamassia and managed by his daughter Giovanna Tamassia together with a group of passionate and competent volunteers who deal with the many Club’s initiatives.

The Juliet Club also organizes “Dear Juliet”, a prize awarded to the most beautiful letters, “Juliet’s Birthday” that celebrates this famous literary character, and also “Writing for Love”(Scrivere per amore), a literary award for love novels and other cultural events.