Juliet Club

Enjoy in Verona the magic of the letters to Juliet

There is a place in Verona..

..where people who suffer can leave a message to ask Juliet for help.
(from "Letters to Juliet" movie)

The Juliet Club has been handling Juliet’s mail for many years; this unique phenomenon has made Verona the world-wide known “capital of love”. Addressed to “Juliet, Verona” thousands of letters arrive from all over the world and our team of volunteers replies to each and every one of them in the name of the most famous heroine in literature keeping alive this extraordinary epistolary tradition.


Dear Juliet Prize 2018

[caption id="attachment_6633" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Gisele Fiahlo Motta, Monica Gomez Delgado e Christoph Hartwig[/caption] The winning letters have  been awarded in…

Scrivere per Amore, International Literary Award

“SCRIVERE PER AMORE” 2017: the XXII edition has been announced in Verona. The prize is organized by the Juliet Club…

The winning letters of Dear Juliet Award 2017

Dear Juliet... Cara Giulietta...  Here are the winning letters of Dear Juliet Award - Verona, Juliet House, February 10th, 2017…

Rassegna Stampa: Repubblica 02/2017

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Thousands of people from all over the world have always come to Verona, which is today the fourth most visited town in Italy. Verona, on the river Adige, is known for its architectural and natural beauties and the suggestive performances in the Roman Arena, which fascinate lots of tourists during the opera season. Verona is above all the city of Romeo and Juliet.