Lost Love

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My dearest Juliette: 

Five years ago my father had this restaurant where i used to go every day to work as the cashier. One day this blue eyed wonder boy came in and ask for our menu, i knew he was flirting since the first time he said "hello...". He had Lunch with his mother and sister, and every ten minutes he asked for a bottle of water just to see me. As the evening passed, I noticed he couldn't stop looking at me with those green blue eyes that could melt any heart. He asked for the check, and he approched slowly and with his head looking at the ground to my cashier spot, he left an index card with his name and email adress and i just laughed and said "We'll keep in touch..". 

Many months passed and he came every day to eat to the restaurant and we became good friends but never dated at all. One day we had a discussion, which i thought was goodbye for ever. We eventually stopped talking but I never forgot how he made me feel wanted and loved. He only had eyes for me, and i only had eyes for him. 

Two years passed and one night I just tought "why not?.." I send him a message waiting for not being replied, for my surprise he did. We had our first date and let me tell you, it was the worst date I ever had!! but at the same time it was amazing, funny and random.

Today, wev'e been dating for five months now, and he proposed to me. I don't know if i'm ready for this, I don't know how to be a wife or even worst a good girlfriend. I love him, I trully do, my heart beats as fast as a drum every time I see him, my soul vibrates with every touch, i know he's the one, but am I ready for the next big step? Am I ready to be a wife? his wife? 

Trully in love 

D.V Blue 

Secret relationship

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Dear juliet, 

I dont know who to turn to. I am in love with a guy I spoke to on a penpals website. He is 19 and I am 21 and I know that when im with him I am happy. But the problem is thaf he is from annaba algeria and im from england. My parents dont know I have a boyfriend. Im afraid what they would say. I wanna meet him but my best friend doesnt want to come with me when I do meet him. He loves me so much that he just wants to jump on the first plane to see me. But also his dad doesnt k ow but his mum does. Juliet I want to meet him but I dont know how to tell my parents. Tell me what I should do pleas. Im scared



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Dear Juliet,

I am from India, I hope you know about my country. I was in last of year of my degree college and he was my junior, I was independent and  much engrossed in my studies. In first semester of of my last year he sent me request on Facebook and I accepted it as we had a lot of mutual friends, then one day he sent me messages and we started chatting, days passed like that and our online talks started getting longer and use to continue even in the wee hours of night. We became good friends but we never met. he use to like my pictures, flirt with me sometimes but I never took his flirting seriously untill his messages got very intense like I could feel how he feels about me. one day he said that you are "mi amor", I never knew Spanish so I asked him what it means, he told me to find out on my own, I found out that it means "my love". I thought he is flirting with me but when I asked him about it, he said that he meant it with all his heart and I was happy but I controlled my feelings, he was my junior,and a catholic. I am Hindu, In India loving a younger boy that too of another religion is a big issue for families. I stopped messaging him as I was struggling with my own heart, and oh! god I was in love with him. He sent me many messages after that but I rarely replied him back. I told about it to my friend and cried a lot. one day after class I was talking to a guy friend of mine and out of nowhere he came in front of me I was shocked, I almost ran away, he was in front of me in real for the first time. My friends tried to hide me from him but he found me again, he grabbed my arm and pulled me out of my friends, he was shivering but his grip on my arms was very firm and possessive, he asked about my ignoring him but I wasn't able to say anything, I was hot glued to the floor, with all my courage i told him that I will text him in night, he looked in to my eyes for few seconds and I was sure he must have cried but I ignored it and walked away to avoid more complication. I never message him. for many days he kept on messaging me, my heart use to skip a bit when he use to pass by my side in college but I used avoid him. days passed and then he stopped messaging me and used to hide from me in college, he use to change his way if he see me coming. It was painful but it was my fault after all. one day I messaged him and we talked and i figured out that he is over me. I never messaged him again neither do he. Its been eight months that passed out of college but I still miss him somewhere in some corner of my heart and it makes me very restless sometimes, I never told anyone about it but I am confessing it here. 

Please Juliet, please tell me what should I do? I think I still love him.........

Verona 2014♥

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La vita è fatta di primi inizi... E se questo è il nostro vorrei che ogni giorno fosse come questo primo viaggio! Porterò sempre nel mio cuore questa città, l'aria e l'amore che abbiamo respirato! 

tengo miedo

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Querida Julieta, toda mi vida me he enamorada de amores no destinados a ser, con el paso de los anios comenze a volver mas dura del corazon, solia enamorarme de cualquier chico porque solia creer que nunca sabias en quien encontrarias tu amor verdadero, la ultima vez que senti algo por alguien fue hace un anio, estaba loca por el, dentro de mi simpre supe que nada iba a pasar y pues asi sucedio, nada paso, llore y me prometi no volver a amar.

Pero el tiempo paso y llegue a conocer a alguien, al principio me sentia atraida por el, pero nunca paso de eso; mi problema es que ese chico empezo a enamorarse de mi, hace unos dias me confeso que le gustaba, yo cometi el error de decirle a uno de sus amigos que le correspondia el sentimiento, pero ahora que estamos juntos y me toma de la mano, o me abraza, me dice cosas linda o me intenta besar no siento nada, y no se que hacer, no quiero romerle el corazon y aunque muchos me han dicho que le de una oportunidad siento que estoy jugando con sus sentimientos. Dime Julieta que puedo hacer?

Una lettera per Giulietta

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Cara Giulietta,
        Mi chiamo Corina e ho 16 anni, posso dirti che sono pazza altrimenti non posso capire perché ho fatto queste cose, 
Tutto e iniziato con un anno fa abitavo in un altra parte del mondo, in un giorno d'inverno quando la mia sorella e venuta a casa per le vacanze, lei mi ha fatto vedere un ragazzo che cantava, perché io adoro la musica e concorsi di musica..... 
La verità è che la sua voce o il suo talento o la sua bellezza non mi ha fatto impazzire ma piano piano ho iniziato a sognarlo, ho iniziato a dipingerlo..... ho iniziato a amarlo. E cosi alla fine del estate sono venuta qui, per arrivare è stato facile perché mia sorella studiava nella stesa città con lui....... E cosi ho lasciato la mia amica, la mia città, il mio mondo solo per trovare il ragazzo che mi ha cambiato.....
3 september il giorno in qui lo visto, il giorno in qui mi sono innamorata di lui davvero.... ( lo visto come camminava, io lo guardavo ma anche lui ha cominciato ha guardarmi, il suo sguardo mi ha colpito, il suo sguardo mi ha.....cambiato.)
     Ci sono passate 7 messi e ancora non lo visto, ho fatto tante cose stupide e molto pazze per vederlo ( andavo ogni giorno alla sua scuola per 1-2 ore e lo aspettavo anche quando pioveva) solo per vederlo ma non è stato cosi, oggi giorno piangevo e non lo so ancora perché ..... perché non lo visto o perché lo amavo senza un motivo, Non lo so che devo fare, ho bisogno di te Giulietta, Ho bisogno di lui, ho bisogno di me........ 

       Corina-Giulietta."Cara Giulietta" 2013


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Dear Juliet,

I am almost sixteen years old, and I am in love. I know it's silly to think it's love at this age, but I do love him. My parents know nothing of the relationship, but his parents do. Our relationship is complicated, as it is not only long distance, but if my parents knew, it would be forbidden. His name is Kodiaek, and he is sixteen, like me. He has been diagnosed with heart problems, depression, and strokes.

I am one of the few people who can make him smile each day and keep on living. He hates his family, who adopted him. His father is an alcoholic and abuses him, his mother does not care about him, and his brother Luke fake-killed himself and ran off to another state to get away from them. His best friend Ari has lied to him for three years, after forcing him to sleep with her when he was drunk, getting pregnant and having a son named Aidan. She then asked his other best friend Mel to pretend she had done it just so Ari could sleep with a free conscience.

Despite all the problems in his life, I still love him and he loves me. His mother and father added another complication recently, though, after he found out he was Aidan's father. His mother had found out about me, and used no contact with me and Aidan's being thrown into foster care to force him into a gender change. His family has gone through with the surgery, and though it is reversible, he is not old enough to get it reversed without parental permission, which is impossible to get.

He's recently stopped contacting me because he is afraid that I will break up with him due to him now being a girl, and he's also afraid I won't love him if he already has a son. I still love him, though, and I try to tell him. Oh, Juliet, can you give me some advice? I have nowhere else to turn. No one on my end of the relationship knows about it, not even my best friends. I couldn't tell them. Please, Juliet.

I have no one else to ask..


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