Una lettera per Giulietta

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Cara Giulietta,
        Mi chiamo Corina e ho 16 anni, posso dirti che sono pazza altrimenti non posso capire perché ho fatto queste cose, 
Tutto e iniziato con un anno fa abitavo in un altra parte del mondo, in un giorno d'inverno quando la mia sorella e venuta a casa per le vacanze, lei mi ha fatto vedere un ragazzo che cantava, perché io adoro la musica e concorsi di musica..... 
La verità è che la sua voce o il suo talento o la sua bellezza non mi ha fatto impazzire ma piano piano ho iniziato a sognarlo, ho iniziato a dipingerlo..... ho iniziato a amarlo. E cosi alla fine del estate sono venuta qui, per arrivare è stato facile perché mia sorella studiava nella stesa città con lui....... E cosi ho lasciato la mia amica, la mia città, il mio mondo solo per trovare il ragazzo che mi ha cambiato.....
3 september il giorno in qui lo visto, il giorno in qui mi sono innamorata di lui davvero.... ( lo visto come camminava, io lo guardavo ma anche lui ha cominciato ha guardarmi, il suo sguardo mi ha colpito, il suo sguardo mi ha.....cambiato.)
     Ci sono passate 7 messi e ancora non lo visto, ho fatto tante cose stupide e molto pazze per vederlo ( andavo ogni giorno alla sua scuola per 1-2 ore e lo aspettavo anche quando pioveva) solo per vederlo ma non è stato cosi, oggi giorno piangevo e non lo so ancora perché ..... perché non lo visto o perché lo amavo senza un motivo, Non lo so che devo fare, ho bisogno di te Giulietta, Ho bisogno di lui, ho bisogno di me........ 

       Corina-Giulietta."Cara Giulietta" 2013


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Dear Juliet,

I am almost sixteen years old, and I am in love. I know it's silly to think it's love at this age, but I do love him. My parents know nothing of the relationship, but his parents do. Our relationship is complicated, as it is not only long distance, but if my parents knew, it would be forbidden. His name is Kodiaek, and he is sixteen, like me. He has been diagnosed with heart problems, depression, and strokes.

I am one of the few people who can make him smile each day and keep on living. He hates his family, who adopted him. His father is an alcoholic and abuses him, his mother does not care about him, and his brother Luke fake-killed himself and ran off to another state to get away from them. His best friend Ari has lied to him for three years, after forcing him to sleep with her when he was drunk, getting pregnant and having a son named Aidan. She then asked his other best friend Mel to pretend she had done it just so Ari could sleep with a free conscience.

Despite all the problems in his life, I still love him and he loves me. His mother and father added another complication recently, though, after he found out he was Aidan's father. His mother had found out about me, and used no contact with me and Aidan's being thrown into foster care to force him into a gender change. His family has gone through with the surgery, and though it is reversible, he is not old enough to get it reversed without parental permission, which is impossible to get.

He's recently stopped contacting me because he is afraid that I will break up with him due to him now being a girl, and he's also afraid I won't love him if he already has a son. I still love him, though, and I try to tell him. Oh, Juliet, can you give me some advice? I have nowhere else to turn. No one on my end of the relationship knows about it, not even my best friends. I couldn't tell them. Please, Juliet.

I have no one else to ask..


What do I do?

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Dear Juliet,

I am 19 years old and already in college. I have experienced love before but that turned into a tragedy. I took time off of relationships for about a year to heal. I met new people and I have been confused about my sexuality too. I like boys but I like some girls too. I met a guy named Jon and he took my heart away. He is the perfect guy but he comes with a memory problem. His memory can only remember for 6 weeks then he forgets again. He had some type of freak accident when he was in high school to cause that. I still like him but I also feel like he is hiding something too. He dated one of my best friends first and they had a bad break up. Then I started talking to him and all he cared about was the gym. Now all of a sudden he "really likes me." To me it makes me happy but also doesn't seem to be true. Then during this I was in class and had to do this project and I was put into a team and I was teamed up with two Chinese girls and a fellow friend. Well while meeting up and working on it This Chinese girl what seemed to be flirting with me kept always making me nervous. I liked it and when I was around her my face would turn super red and I couldn't really speak but I had words in my head. I think I like her, she is always on my mind but the thing is I don't know if she likes girls and that makes it difficult. I can't really tell when someone is flirting. I don't know what to do or who do go for. Can you help me please? What do I do?



I'm New and I'm Trying

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Dear Juliet,

I have just recently gotten out of a fairly serious relationship. We were together over a year, but I realized that the love we had for each other was merely a deep friendship. The physical attraction faded and we were left with nothing but disappointed. Of course it was difficult to lose someone so close to me, but I know that I needed to learn how to stand on my own again.

I thought that my life would be simple again not having to worry about love, but something happened a few days ago that has changed my way of thinking.

You see, Juliet, I live in residence at university. So a few nights back a friend (that happens to be a boy) came down to my room to watch a movie. It was a Friday night and we couldn't sleep. I had never seen the movie and he assured me that I would love it. I've always been the kind of person that likes to let things play out as they should, so I thought it would be nice to spend time with this friend.

During the movie I noticed that his hand kept touching my leg. At first it was subtle, but eventually it became difficult to concentrate on anything else. The butterflies in my stomach were something I had never experienced before. He suggested we lay down to finish the movie because it was getting late and we might fall asleep. Before I knew it his arms were around me. He was holding my hand, tracing my body with his fingers. I could feel his breath on the back of my neck and I knew he wasn't watching the movie either. He slowly rolled me over to face him and his smile caught me off guard. I fell for his smile like some people fall for a bad joke. It was enchanting. When he kissed me I could feel that smile inside him. We kissed and kissed and it felt like a movie. The way he looked at me; teased me with his lips. He made me feel special.

Eventually we fell asleep, his arms around me. He even kissed me on the forehead. To me it didn't seem like just a one night thing; a 'hook up'. I guess I was wrong though because he left pretty quickly the next day. I haven't seen him since. It's only been a few days, but we live so close that I'm wondering if he's avoiding me.

I'm really just confused because he kissed me first. His smile said that he was having fun. The way he touched me said that he wanted me. I guess he only wanted me for the night though.

I can't stop thinking about it, Juliet. I'm not even sure I want a relationship, but I know that I want to kiss him again. The fates do not seem to be on my side.

What should I do, Juliet?



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ciao mi chiamo giulia e ho 13 anni 

nell'ultimo anno ho passato dei momenti veramente tragici ho perso il mio migliore amico che credevo di amare ...ho perso il coraggio di ripoter amare ..perchè se cerco di amare loro mi fanno solo del male e non capiscono che io voglio fare del bene..ormai la gent di oggi è tutta falsa... amici veri non esistono ..nessuno ti può aiutare per questo vengo da te o mia cara giulietta ..dimmi perchè l'amore fa male e fa soffrire? la tua storia mi ha davvero commossa e ogni volta che ci penso mi metto a piangere.. pure in questo momento:( ..ecco ora piango ..le mie lacrime sono frutto dell'odio dell'amore..si ,si potrebbe chiamare così ma io voglio amare il fatto e che non riesco a trovare la persona giusta da poter amare ed è questo quello che mi rattrista...poi i ragazzi della mia età non sono come una volta che corteggiavano le ragazze..no sono tutt'altro :( quanto vorrei essere nella tua epoca..li forse l'amore esisteva e avevi un buon motivo per morire insieme al tuo romeo...ora chiudo la mia lettera con il dolce sapore delle mie lacrime che si immergono nel tuo viso gentile e soffice ...ti prego aiutami giulietta <3

A bad love triangle

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Hi Juliet, I'm writting to you because I need an advice.

I have a big love problem and I believe that you can help me. I'm in love with my best friend. But the problem is that he has already date my sister. He still in love with her, but I'm not sure that she loves him as well.

Aparently, my sister likes another guy, but sometimes she is jealous about my best friend, and this is the reason of my doubt about her feelings.

I can't handle anymore. Being near of the loved one and can not tell him because of the fear of losing him hurts a lot. I've already tried to forget him, but he always get nervous and says that doesn't want me out of his life. Yesterday he asked me my sister's phone, and I don't even need to say that I felt extremaly sad. I'm afraid about saying something to them, beacuse they are really precious to me.

At this moment, I guess that the best thing to do is to give up of the one I love and get away from him.

Please, Juliet, help me. I don't know what to do.

Love, Abby.

Loosing my faith in love...

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Dear Juliet,

      I have always tried finding love in every relation, be it family, friends or anyone that matter. I used to feel that it is love that binds us all together as one, irrespective of the materialistic things we look up to.  I have been in relationships, i have been in love. Yes, i have been in love, for once in my life of 21 years. I fell in love with a man i knew from the very first day could not be with me forever. He was 6yrs older than me. Living in a fairytale, i thought i got my Prince Charming. I was that innocent back then, unknown to the fact that there are things that effect being in love with someone. I was studying and he was already working. We were in love but here in India, there is a concept of arranged marriage and his parents were about to get him married in a year or two. 

                         I was aware of this fact, but still wanted to be with him. We were deeply in love with each other. But then again when you are happy time flies. One and a half year later i had to move and he got married. I still love him, but i have moved on somehow. I know he still loves me too. But i need an answer to this question, which always comes to my mind. Separations are always painful, being well aware of that fact i chose to be with him anyways. Just to be with him for a while, i was ready to take the ever lasting pain of separation. Was that stupid of me? Should i not have done that? Should i have thought before falling in love? How is that even possible? 

Since then Juliet, I have never felt anything like that for anyone else. I am 21, back then i was 17! It has been four years, i have met people, i have met people who fell in love with me madly, but i have never felt THAT love ever again... I am starting to believe i would never be able to. Now these are the times when i think i shouldnt have been into relationship with him knowing that we wont be together. I need answer, whether i did the right thing or not. Please help me put out of my misery, Juliet!!

I want to feel that love again...!!

With lots of hope


P.S.: I think you are doing great job, keep up this good work.

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