In Another Lifetime !

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dear juliet , 

my name is jagruti , i know its hard to pronounce so how about jazz , as everybody call me ....

My parents are getting divorced , i am all cool with it but at the same time i fell in love with this guy who was in my mom's school none of my parents know about this ....

As i looked at him i felt a spark in my heart , as i knew he was special .... we became good friends ... but i never could tell him my feelings .... i was in 8 grade when i fell in love with him . Till date he is my first and last love . I realised my love for him soon as i was crying for no reason because i knew he had to go someday ..... 

It's been 3 years i have gone to collage and he still dose not know , he shifted 6 months ago back to his hometown .. which is to the west , and I to the east .

He was never so attached to me but I drowned in his love everyday , maybe just a few "hi and bye's " was all that i got to talk to him.

And now it's been quite some time i think he's forgotten about me too ... and i don't want to tell him and create a problem for him i hope you understand ..

I could till date never feel the same for anyone , so i have accepted it and i have stared to be happy in whatever he dose , i find my happiness in whatever he dose , it's like i live to see him happy it dose not matter to me if i get hurt to see him happy .I also know i will not be able to fall in love with someone else . Now i have left it on destiny to bring us together , If I am lucky enough then in this life or else in another lifetime ! 

i understand these are unpredictable questions , but just in case you can help me.. I just have two questions for you juilet , do you think what i am doing is right ? & Do you think i will meet him again ?

I pray for his safety and happiness forever ! 

Thank You juilet !

Can't get over you

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I am a 15 year old girl and believe in true love but I have experience true love but he did not feel the same way and I can't get over him no matter what I do  he is in my mind and in my heart and it hurt everytime I think of him he doesn't call me or text me and it makes it worse juliet what should I do because I feel like I'm losing mind i want him soo much but he doesn't want me. 




Love Seems to Hate US

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Dear Juliet,


I once loved a boy with a gypsy soul. Each time I think I finally have him within my grip, he slips away. He drifted away to past lovers, far away lands and is soon drifting to the heavens above. He was always searching for something I couldn’t fathom until one day, it hit me. He wasn’t looking for love, he was running away from it. Growing up with parents who despised each other, he must’ve given up on love from an early age. When he finally came back into my life, he confessed his undying love for me and asked me a question that took me by surprise, “would you want to live most of your life as a widow?” When I explained how I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy he left me once again. He used to come and go as he pleased and this time he never came back. Like the tide that rises I expected him to come back falling into me, but he just never returned. No phone calls, no texts, nothing. As time passed I have fallen out of love with him but I still wonder if has managed to find what he’s looking for, a girl willing to endure the fact that he has a terrible need to give love and take it away. My next experience was the most painful one. I gave this boy my all and he repaid me by being unfaithful. For a year I put up with his very friendly friendships with almost every girl in the school until I finally caught him in the act and I had had enough. I felt so weak and pathetic after that that I promised myself I wont ever let somebody ever get that close to me again, and no one has. Two years later here I am, unable to trust and afraid to fall in love. I’m about to start a new chapter in my life and I’m hoping all my issues wont haunt me this time. I feel much stronger than I was before but I still have doubts. Why do we love love when it seems to hate us? Why do we bother with it when it never lasts?


Sincerely Yours



Forbidden Love

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Dear Juliet,

I fell in love with him somewhere along the way. He's my cousin. And I come from India, and particularly from a family in which 'love' is a forbidden word. Moreover, falling in 'love' with your cousin is not even an option.
I was on top of the world when he told me he is in love with me too. But my happiness was short lived. We agreed that this relationship is impossible. We both knew that we couldn't be together as our families wouldn't allow it. So we decided to forget, to move on as if nothing happened. But I realized it was too painful. In fact, I stay at his house every vacation. Its too painful to know that nothing will be the same anymore. I cannot imagine what I would feel if I saw him moving on, being with another girl. I think I have to tell him that I can't forget..before its too late. But I'm scared - scared that I will have to face rejection. I have no one to turn to. Because falling in love with your cousin is not something you can talk about with your friends.

I feel alone, Juliet. I'm 16 and helpless. I know I'm too young to talk about being in love. But I'm in so much pain. And I know that I have to seize the opportunity at this moment or I'm afraid I'll regret it later.




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I am in love with someone who doesn't see me as anything more. I desperately want to be with him, and I know if he gave it a chance we could run the world together. I dream about him constantly and I wake up angry because my brain toys with me. I need him to give me a chance. I need him to see me as more than someone with a past of closed doors and secrets. How can I make him realize that I am at least worth a shot?

Lost Love

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My dearest Juliette: 

Five years ago my father had this restaurant where i used to go every day to work as the cashier. One day this blue eyed wonder boy came in and ask for our menu, i knew he was flirting since the first time he said "hello...". He had Lunch with his mother and sister, and every ten minutes he asked for a bottle of water just to see me. As the evening passed, I noticed he couldn't stop looking at me with those green blue eyes that could melt any heart. He asked for the check, and he approched slowly and with his head looking at the ground to my cashier spot, he left an index card with his name and email adress and i just laughed and said "We'll keep in touch..". 

Many months passed and he came every day to eat to the restaurant and we became good friends but never dated at all. One day we had a discussion, which i thought was goodbye for ever. We eventually stopped talking but I never forgot how he made me feel wanted and loved. He only had eyes for me, and i only had eyes for him. 

Two years passed and one night I just tought "why not?.." I send him a message waiting for not being replied, for my surprise he did. We had our first date and let me tell you, it was the worst date I ever had!! but at the same time it was amazing, funny and random.

Today, wev'e been dating for five months now, and he proposed to me. I don't know if i'm ready for this, I don't know how to be a wife or even worst a good girlfriend. I love him, I trully do, my heart beats as fast as a drum every time I see him, my soul vibrates with every touch, i know he's the one, but am I ready for the next big step? Am I ready to be a wife? his wife? 

Trully in love 

D.V Blue 

Secret relationship

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Dear juliet, 

I dont know who to turn to. I am in love with a guy I spoke to on a penpals website. He is 19 and I am 21 and I know that when im with him I am happy. But the problem is thaf he is from annaba algeria and im from england. My parents dont know I have a boyfriend. Im afraid what they would say. I wanna meet him but my best friend doesnt want to come with me when I do meet him. He loves me so much that he just wants to jump on the first plane to see me. But also his dad doesnt k ow but his mum does. Juliet I want to meet him but I dont know how to tell my parents. Tell me what I should do pleas. Im scared


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